Grexie Update

It’s been another big month in the crypto world, with the market rallying in October once again in what’s becoming an almost traditional surge of “cryptober”. Grexie has also had a great month with lots of exciting news to share from value increase to new team members.

Firstly, more than 1.57 trillion tokens have been snapped up by users so far with over 1.5 million issues allocated. The price of GREX on Quickswap has risen 1000% to $0.0115 per million GREX since launching, continuing its rocketing rise in value as more people join the Grexie community around the world.

The company has now appointed a new CMO with celebrity partnerships expert turned technology marketer Rob Pringle joining the team to lead Grexie’s marketing activities going forward.

Alongside the new CMO, Grexie is excited to be adding 3 new advisors to the board who will be starting on October 14th, at which point more information will be detailed about who they are and what they’ll be bringing to Grexie.

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