Introducing Grexie

We’ve founded Grexie on two simple but important principals; the value of cryptocurrency, and the importance of speed of adoption within an ever-expanding market.

Firstly, we believe that cryptocurrency is the future of the world and should be accessible to everyone, but at the moment, it isn’t being used to its full potential. This is because by the time many people knew anything about cryptocurrency, the market leader, bitcoin, had already become prohibitively expensive.

If crypto is to truly reach it’s potential, we need to find a way to distribute a secure coin to a huge population, and to do so before the waters become so muddled with scams and ‘rug-pulls’ that the market loses confidence in the general product.

This is why we’ve created Grexie. We are offering a free coin with no intrinsic value open to anyone and everyone. We believe that over time, if enough people flock to Grexie, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be a useful currency for online transactions. However, we are determined that this should be the result of market forces and not some invented ICO stage valuation, hence why we are making the commitment to provide the limited supply of Grexie to the market for free, forever.

We also believe that market forces should drive adoption as well as value. We’ve seen too many crypto-coins have their price driven up by creators through sleazy marketing campaigns and dodgy promises. That’s why we want to encourage the market to spread the word, and spread it fast! By stepping away from the usual pre-ICO advertising campaigns, and incentivising people to spread the message through referrals and reviews we will let the market decide whether they agree with our views on Grexie.

Recent articles

  • Grexie Update

    We’ve had several exciting developments in the Grexie world recently, from press coverage, expanding our team and seeing a new all time high in the value of GREX tokens as our community grows. In case you’ve missed it, Grexie has been featured by a bunch of publications in the crypto space such as Coin Quora, BusinessFast, Crypto Reporter, TRON Weekly, and Cryptelites to name a few! Our founder Tim Behrsin has also been featured on Startup Info and Bitcoinist. The Grexie family has…

  • Grexie Update

    It’s been another big month in the crypto world, with the market rallying in October once again in what’s becoming an almost traditional surge of “cryptober”. Grexie has also had a great month with lots of exciting news to share from value increase to new team members. Firstly, more than 1.57 trillion tokens have been snapped up by users so far with over 1.5 million issues allocated. The price of GREX on Quickswap has risen 1000% to $0.0115 per million GREX since launching, continuing its…

  • You can now buy GREX on QuickSwap

    We've just launched a growing liquidity pool of 200 billion GREX on QuickSwap with token pair MATIC-GREX. This is perfect if you'd prefer not to keep clicking the 'Get Free Tokens' button in the ICO widget above, and simply want to buy a handful of GREX. We aim to increase this liquidity pool over the coming months, with around 1 trillion tokens on offer. If you want to stake your own MATIC-GREX we encourage you to do so. You can create a liquidity pool on QuickSwap for MATIC-GREX here. Remember…