Download the Grexie Whitepaper.

Grexie is a new ERC20 crypto token offered for free on the Polygon blockchain, users just need to pay the negligible Polygon gas price to receive decreasing allocations of up to 1 million GREX.

The total supply for the token is 1 quadrillion GREX (1×1015.)

60% of the supply is allocated to a long-running Community Distribution, available through our website.

40% of the supply is allocated to the team and its philanthropic causes, as well as team-led liquidity pools, exchange fees, and airdrops.

The amount of GREX allocated per issue in the Community Distribution halves roughly every 350 million issues. If interest steadily grows, and while there are no guarantees, this should double the value of the token roughly every 350 million issues. This is because the gas price paid for an allocation remains the same, while the amount allocated halves.

There is enough currency for around 12 billion issues of tokens, with 1 GREX allocated per issue after around 8 billion issues of the token.

Available on QuickSwap to purchase in bulk at market-led prices.

Download the Grexie Whitepaper.

Polygon Contract Addresses

Grexie (GREX) Token:0xf9a75e8881af1be80ae80050616185f0b924a03eView on Polygonscan
Grexie ICO:0x19F5a4b3B79E220664f27a6Ff3cb927Ae7189506View on Polygonscan


Download the Grexie Token Audit

Download the Grexie ICO Audit

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